Amanda Bynes’ Psychiatric Hold Extended By Judge

Credit: Splash News

Amanda Bynes will be spending some more time away from Twitter. The involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold placed on the troubled former actress has been extended by two weeks. A judge granted the extension on Thursday night, shortly before Bynes’ original 72-hour hold was set to expire. Doctors had requested more time to diagnose Bynes, who was hospitalized for a mental health evaluation.

Police issued the 5150 hold after Bynes was taken into custody for setting fire to a stranger’s driveway on Monday night. This incident was just the latest scandal in a long list of weird behavior that caused her parents to file for temporary conservatorship. Lynn and Rick Bynes are set to appear in court today to request control over their daughter’s financial and personal affairs.

While we admit that Bynes’ antics have been entertaining over the past few months, we are really glad to see that people are caring for her well-being. She’s not the first star to have a breakdown (Remember Britney and that umbrella?), and what’s important is that she’s getting the help she needs. Although we will miss her tweets a little.

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