Amanda Bynes ‘Unretires’: Celeb Speak

ALTTwo good things happened this weekend, and neither one of them was me paying my rent on time! One of them was the premiere of Mad Men last night (you can read the recap here), and the other one was that Amanda Bynes came out of retirement! In a tweet that was posted on Friday, she wrote (quite simply):

“I’ve unretired.”

Stop focusing on whether or not “unretired” is a word — it isn’t. You’re missing the big picture, which is AMANDA BYNES IS BACK! It’s a good thing too, because the world would have continued to starve for the child actress who does tasteful spreads in Maxim and cutesy articles in Cosmopolitan before randomly appearing in a movie as a supporting character, only to appear as another supporting character in her next movie! She’s the only one out there that can do that! We need her, for she provides a tremendous service to us in a world full of Scarlett Johanssons and Sandra Bullocks. Not everybody can be such an easy success, otherwise there’d be no point in trying! And she reminds us of that!

Source: Twitter