Amanda Seyfried Exclusive: My Name’s Not ‘Siegfried’

amanda seyfriedNobody likes hearing their name mispronounced, whether they’re your friend or coworker – or a famous Hollywood celebrity. Amanda Seyfried is no exception. She constantly struggles with teaching people to say her last name correctly. After sitting down to chat about her upcoming films Gone and Lovelace, the actress opened up to our correspondent Thomas Leupp about the most common mispronunciations of her name.

The star said that her name is most commonly pronounced “Sayfried or Siegfried,” which is very reminiscent of the famous lion tamers, Siegfried and Roy. It’s not exactly the way she wants to be associated, but according to her, it’s a problem even among family members. Seyfried admitted, “My sister says it differently than I do though, which is weird,” making it sound like “Sighfreed” instead of “Sighfred.”

And while that’s sure to get annoying at times, it seems like a small price to pay for all her box office success. She’s even preparing to show off her singing chops for the second time since Mama Mia in Les Miserables. If her career stays this course, people will be saying her name properly in no time.

Check out our exclusive clip below for the full interview.

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