Amanda Seyfried Is a Glamorous Mystery Lady in a Parisian Cafe in Givenchy’s New Commercial

Credit: Givenchy

Forget the 19th century setting in Les Miserables, Amanda Seyfried is into a new kind of Paris, one  where beauty and luxury are just part of life. A kind of Paris where people sit around at cafes and leisurely enjoy themselves. This Paris is the setting for Givenchy’s new “Very Irresistible” perfume commercial.

In the new spot, a stunning Seyfried walks into a cafe and catches the eyes of all its patrons who all question who this beautiful mystery lady is. Her allure appeals to all of their senses provoking people to crave the “Irresistible” fragrance. This makes you want to shell out your dough, doesn’t it?  It’s almost, what’s the word, irresistible. 

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