‘American Idol’s’ Ryan Seacrest Opens Broadcast Center at Children’s Hospital

ryan seacrestAmerica has voted — Ryan Seacrest is the ultimate idol.  Earlier today, the man with a million jobs headed east, where the Ryan Seacrest Foundation launched The Voice at a Children’s Hospital.  No, it’s not the television show — it’s a new broadcast center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia that hopes to provide patients with opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise be offered.  This space will be a great way for kids to engage in activities related to radio, TV and new media, including broadcasting, the opportunity to DJ, and even provide a place where live artists can come and perform for the children.  And what celeb did Mr. Seacrest chose to christen the new state-of-the-art space?  None other than Selena Gomez

The American Idol host is thrilled The Voice has finally come to fruition and states, “The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a leading pediatric clinical and research facility and a national leader in developing techniques to support the patient’s emotional well-being. The Voice closed-circuit broadcast center is a new addition to their existing Child Life programs and provides creative, interactive entertainment.”  Basically Seacrest is the man, helping to enhance the quality of life to seriously ill or injured children.  He knows staring at the white walls of a hospital isn’t going to make anyone feel any better, so he’s trying to bring the world of entertainment to the little ones who need it most.  Mad props to Ryan!

Source: E Online