Amy Poehler and Will Arnett Separate. How Can We Process This? 

amy poehler will arnettRest in peace, our souls. Because the news that extremely talented and generally awesome human beings and frequent co-stars Amy Poehler and Will Arnett have decided to separate after nine years of marriage has broken every pop culture lover’s heart. It’s broken our beings. How can we move on, knowing that the two funniest people in Hollywood can’t make it work? Please tell us this is an illusion! As’s Alicia Lutes wrote last night following the announcement, “Mark the history books: September 6th, 2012: the day we learned true love is dead. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go lock myself in my closet and weep.” Oh god, look at us. Crying like a couple of girls. 

Look at sadness, Michael Will! And then, please, get back together with Amy. If you need convincing, please, just read below to see how badly we need this coupling to work.   

Kate Ward: I have no words. Only this gif to best describe how I spent my Thursday night after hearing the news of Will and Amy’s split. 


Shaunna Murphy: Is it weird that I’m not the one who broke up but I’m still craving a pint of ice cream and a side of an entire bottle of chardonnay?

Michael Arbeiter: GOB and Blamey. Leslie and the MRI guy. The incestuous ice skaters from Blades of Glory. They’ve brought us so much joy, so as sad as we are over this, we must wish them the same… although I do think Joe Biden has something to do with this.

Michelle Lee: I’ve seen a lot of celebrity breakups in my day but this one really shocked me. Will and Amy always seemed like they’d just sit at home and make each other laugh all day. I’m really sad. Thankfully their genetic experiment worked and they created this guy: Future. Comedy. Genius.

Amy Poehler Abel

Anna Brand: I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed in Obama for not insisting a moment of silence at the DNC to mourn the loss of Will and Amy’s marriage. We need to take this seriously.

Kelsea Stahler: I cannot process this. My world view has shifted. True love is dead.

Lindsey DiMattina: It’s always upsetting to hear about a couple breaking up — but I thought these two would beat the Hollywood odds. It’s shocking to hear that it’s over. Time for a round of tequila shots to drown our sorrows.

Abbey Stone: They say that denial is the second stage of grief. I, however, know in my heart of hearts that Will and Amy are just pulling an elaborate hoax. In a couple of days, the lovebirds will emerge, grins on their faces, to say, “Just kidding!” I just know it.

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