Amy Poehler Hosts ‘SNL’ Premiere

amy poehlerAmy Poehler, mama to Archie and Abel and probably to W. Arnett too, has aligned herself with the stars and shed a whole lotta baby-growing fluid through her pores so she could host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live on September 25th, and appear alongside musical guest Katy Perry. No doubt she’ll spend her monologue joking about what she’s been up to since leaving ensemble cast of the show…which includes getting nominated for Emmys and losing them to Tina Fey.

Poehler was on SNL from 2001 to 2008, where she was the greatest, and her appearances on Parks and Recreation and the Betty White-hosted SNL made all the current youngblooded cast members on the variety show look like people who just did a good job at waiting in a line.

As we previously reported, SNL is bringing in three new guys: Taran Killam, Paul Brittain (everyone probably gets excited and mistakes him for Paul Bettany when they see his name on paper — he’ll play all the sad clowns in Andy Samberg’s digital shorts), and Vanessa Bayer. However, there’ll also be a fourth new cast member, seeing as Jenny Slate’s slate was wiped clean. Replacing her will be Jay Pharoah, and directed me to this clip of him doing lots of impressions… including one of Christopher Walken, which means he was probably conceived under the promise he could join the ensemble cast.

Source: EW