Weekly Highlights: A Supercut of Just Amy and Tina at the Golden Globes and More

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Golden GlobesNBC

Here are this week’s highlights from VH1, Celebuzz, Flavorwire, and Hollywood.com, all centering around the 2014 Golden Globes.

Flavorwire made a supercut of the best part of the Globes: the hosts. 
Of course, we mostly just watched for Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Here’s just their parts of the award show, compiled for your enjoyment.

Brookline Nine-Nine star Terry Crews is not happy about being on VH1’s worst dressed list. 
And he called them out on it at the Golden Globes. Check out the video of the hilarious confrontation at VH1 Celebrity.

See everyone who got bleeped at the ceremony. 
It seems that it was a somewhat shoddy censoring job. Check out the video at Celebuzz.

Let’s face it. The Golden Globes were pretty weird this year. 
At least Hollywood.com thinks so. Find out their reasoning here.