Anderson Cooper Does Dramatic Reading of Snooki’s ‘A Shore Thing’

When Anderson Cooper‘s not risking his life in warzones for the sake of reporting what’s happening in the world to all of us who sit on our couches and eat popcorn out of our socks that double as food satchels, he’s filming a segment of his show called, “RidicuList.” Essentially, it’s a spot that allows Anderson to take some time to tell his viewers what bothers him, and why. Previous segments have included topics like texting at the movies, Donald Trump, and Camille Grammer. He also added Snooki’s book, A Shore Thing, onto the RidicuList, and at the time he was pretty shocked that the guidette managed to align herself with the completely serious publisher, Simon & Schuster. But last night, Anderson did something strange and put HIMSELF on the RidicuList, because he got the news that Snooki signed on to write a second book, and because she now has written one more book than he has. And so to punish himself for not recognizing what exactly A Shore Thing has to offer, he forced himself to read it aloud.

Source: AC360