Andreas Schreitmuller


Producer (10)

Victoria 2015 (Movie)


My Fuhrer 2009 (Movie)


Unter Bauern: Retter in der Nacht 2009 (Movie)


Long Shadows 2008 (Movie)


Warchild 2006 (Movie)


Goodbye, Lenin! 2004 (Movie)

Commissioning Editor (Producer)

Beyond Silence 1998 (Movie)

(Associate Producer)

The Kingdom 1995 (Movie)

commissioning producer(ARTE) (Producer)

Haitian Corner 1988 (Movie)

(ZDF) (Producer)

Westler: East of the Wall 1984 (Movie)

television producer (Producer)
Editor (9)

Everything Will Be Fine 2015 (Movie)

Commissioning Editor (Editor)

Phoenix 2015 (Movie)

Commissioning Editor(for ARTE) (Editor)

Beloved Sisters 2014 (Movie)

Commissioning Editor (Editor)

Jerichow 2009 (Movie)

Commissioning Editor (Editor)

Yella 2008 (Movie)

Commissioning Editor(ARTE) (Editor)

The Farewell 2002 (Movie)

commissioning editor(ARTE) (Editor)

Winter Sleepers 2000 (Movie)

Commissioning editor(ARTE) (Editor)

Run Lola Run 1999 (Movie)

ARTE editor (Editor)

Life Is All You Get 1997 (Movie)

commissioning editor(ARTE) (Editor)
Writer (1)

Head On 2005 (Movie)

(arte) (Story Editor)
Production Management (1)

Absurdistan 2009 (Movie)

(Script Supervisor)