Party Tip: Andrew WK and Playtex Will Help You Wash Your Lady Bits

Andrew WK Playtex Ad

The latest tactic to get men and women to practice sexual health is a combination of terror and confusion.

Party music producer Andrew W.K. is the new face of Playtex’s Fresh+Sexy wipes, and if the ambiguous and unnecessarily mathematical name is too confusing, let it be known that these wipes are for before and after hanky panky. Who else could represent such a refreshing product than the man whose first album was called I Get Wet (it also featured his face covered in blood, but who really remembers that part)? He’s certainly the first person I think of when I want to feel fresh as a summer’s day. Okay, he’s not, but maybe this crazy idea is actually brilliant.

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While Playtex’s playful advertising campaign is marked with an overwhelming sense of cognitive dissonance, the choice actually is kind of, well, refreshing (for lack of a word that sounds less like a tampon ad). The more likely candidates for purchasing this product are women, but the last thing we need is another image of a woman in white, standing on a beach, allowing the cleansing ocean breezes to flutter her skirt as she whispers, “Playtex, so you’re always fresh and sexy…”

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Give us the king of PARTY TIPS (it’s not an Andrew WK tip if it’s not in all caps). Gives us the man who rages all night. Give us the guy who makes us feel like maybe we do need a wetnap after hooking up. Sure, it makes almost so sense, but when’s the last time you layed on a bed of roses and watched the breeze brush the curtains from your window and sighed with contentment only seen by the likes of lusty women on the covers of romance novels? How’s never? 

Could it be that using Andrew WK to promote these wipes is actually, in a strange way, a more accurate approach? At the very least, it’s a fresh one. 

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