Andy Bradfield


Music (9)

Strange Magic 2015 (Movie)

Songs Mixer(365 Artists) (Music)

The Great Gatsby 2013 (Movie)

Music Mixer (Score Mixing)

In Time 2011 (Movie)

(Score Mixing)

Kick-Ass 2010 (Movie)

Music Mixer (Music)

Easy Virtue 2009 (Movie)

Mix Engineer (Music Engineer)

Meet the Robinsons 2007 (Movie)

Song Mixing("Another Believer") (Score Mixing)

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 2002 (Movie)

Additional Music Team (Music Engineer)

The Story of Us 1999 (Movie)

song mixer("Get Lost (remix)") (Song)

The Thirteenth Floor 1999 (Movie)

("The Future of the Future (Stay Gold)") (Song Performer)