Andy Griffith’s Cause of Death Revealed

Andy GriffithOn Tuesday, the tragic news of television legend Andy Griffith’s passing hit the world, likely inspiring some fond memories of Mayberry and Matlock, and perhaps a little somber whistling of that famous The Andy Griffith Show tune. Now, USA Today reports that a death certificate has been released, confirming that Griffith’s death was caused by a heart attack.

The heart attack is revealed to have stricken Griffith on Monday morning, approximately 24 hours prior to his death. The report adds that Griffith endured additional health issues, including hypertension and coronary artery disease.

Much like his most famous television incarnation Sheriff Andy Taylor, Griffith was a North Carolina native who lived there throughout his life. He is buried in the Griffith Family Cemetery, which is located in his town, Manteo. The actor’s death certificate was signed by local physician Dr. Johnny Farrow, and filed on Thursday.

[Photo Credit: AP Images]


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