Andy On

Born: 05/22/1977


Actor (25)

Blackhat 2015 (Movie)

Alex Trang (Actor)

Outcast 2015 (Movie)

Shing (Actor)

Shanghai tan ma yongzhen 2014 (Movie)

Lung Chat (Actor)

Special ID 2014 (Movie)


That Demon Within 2014 (Movie)

Ben Chan (Actor)

Cold War 2012 (Movie)


The Viral Factor 2012 (Movie)


True Legend 2011 (Movie)

Yuan Lie (Actor)

Bad Blood 2010 (Movie)

Calf (Actor)

Black Ransom 2010 (Movie)


Crossing Hennessey 2010 (Movie)

Xu (Actor)

Sei Sung Saw Liu 2009 (Movie)


Forgive and Forget 2008 (Movie)

Andy (Actor)

La Lingerie 2008 (Movie)


Mad Detective 2008 (Movie)

Ho Ka-on (Actor)

Election 2007 (Movie)


Election 2 2007 (Movie)


Nan Er Ben Se 2007 (Movie)


Ching Yee Kuen Kuen 2006 (Movie)

Jason (Actor)

Hak Kuen 2006 (Movie)


Maan Lone 2005 (Movie)


The White Dragon 2004 (Movie)

Second Prince Tian Yang (Actor)

Star Runner 2003 (Movie)


Naked Soldier 2000 (Movie)

Sam Wong (Actor)