Angelina Jolie Channels ‘Twilight’ & ‘Harry Potter’ — PIC

Angelina Jolie has always marched to the beat of her own fashion drummer (this is, remember, a woman who wears a full black gown to the beach).

So we shouldn’t have been too surprised to see the A-List actress dressed rather, ahem, uniquely stepping off the tarmac in Sarajevo with her security team and kids on July 7. (Really, though, would she be caught dead wearing sweats?)

It’s possible the Oscar winner is just a supremely dedicated Method actor, She has been busy filming the Disney 3D movie Maleficent with Elle Fanning — in full evil costume for much of the day. 

Either that or she’s been dipping into the costume closet for Twilight and Harry Potter. Get this sorceress a cauldron — stat.   

Angelina outfit

[Photo: Wenn]


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