Angelina Jolie’s Feeling ‘Great’

Making her first outing since giving birth to twins, Angelina Jolie brightened the red carpet at the New York Film Festival for Saturday night’s premiere of her movie Changeling, a 1920’s thriller directed by Clint Eastwood.

Jolie, wearing a stunning black strapless dress, admitted to People that it felt a “little strange” to be back in the spotlight since it had been such a long time, but she wasn’t nervous. She was in the Big Apple with her main squeeze Brad Pitt and all their children and was happy about it.

“Everybody’s great,” she told People. “The babies [Vivienne and Knox] are getting big and healthy and developing personalities. I run around with all the other kids, and I’m breastfeeding, which I think is a part of your body’s recovery. I feel great (and) feel very happy that they’re healthy.”

She’s not a saint, however, claiming that looking after a brood of six was taking its toll. “We are a little bit (sleep deprived). We have some help a couple of nights a week, so on those nights we catch up on our sleep.”

She adds of their time in the south of France, “We are surrounded by friends and so happy there, and I think it has been so great for everyone.”

On her new movie, in which she plays a mother whose son is kidnapped, Jolie said, “Your worst fear is anything happening to your kids. The reason I didn’t want to do the film for a long time … every day I came home, and I was so clinging to my kids. I was grabbing them. And checking them in the night. It scares me.”

As for adopting more children, she told People, “I think we’re going to wait a little while.” Good idea.

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