Anita Ekberg

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Blonde and buxom to a physics-defying degree, Swedish born actress Anita Ekberg became the very definition of cinematic sex goddess with her iconic performance in Italian director Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" ... Read more »
Born: 09/29/1931 in Sweden


Actor (37)

Fellini 2000 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

The Red Dwarf 1999 (Movie)

Countess Paola Bendoni (Actor)

Bambola 1996 (Movie)

Mama Greta (Actor)

Federico Fellini's Intervista 1992 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Ambrogio 1991 (Movie)

Clarice (Actor)

Il Conte Max 1991 (Movie)

Marika (Actor)

Dolce Pella di Angela 1986 (Movie)


Cicciabomba 1982 (Movie)


S*H*E 1979 - 1980 (TV Show)


Fangs of the Living Dead 1972 (Movie)


If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium 1969 (Movie)

Nightclub Performer (Actor)

The Glass Spinx 1967 (Movie)

Paulette (Actor)

Woman Times Seven 1967 (Movie)

Claudie (Actor)

The Alphabet Murders 1965 (Movie)

Amanda Beatrice Cross (Actor)

Way... Way Out 1965 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

Boccaccio '70 1962 (Movie)

Anita (Actor)

Call Me Bwana 1962 (Movie)

Luba (Actor)

Four For Texas 1962 (Movie)

Elya Karlson (Actor)

La Dolce Vita 1961 (Movie)

Sylvia Rank (Actor)

Behind Closed Doors 1959 (Movie)

Olga Dubovich (Actor)

Paris Holiday 1958 (Movie)

Zara (Actor)

Screaming Mimi 1958 (Movie)

Virginia Wilson (Actor)

Sign of the Gladiator 1958 (Movie)

Zenobia (Actor)

The Man Inside 1958 (Movie)

Trudie Hall (Actor)

Pickup Alley 1957 (Movie)

Gina Borger (Actor)

Valerie 1957 (Movie)

Valerie (Actor)

Hollywood or Bust 1956 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

War and Peace 1956 (Movie)

Helene (Actor)

Artists and Models 1955 (Movie)

Anita (Actor)

Blood Alley 1955 (Movie)

Wei Long (Actor)

The Bob Hope Show (01/09/55) 1954 - 1955 (TV Show)


Abbott and Costello Go to Mars 1953 (Movie)

Venusian Woman (Actor)

The Golden Blade 1953 (Movie)

Handmaiden (Actor)

Back from Eternity (Movie)

Rena (Actor)

Gold of the Amazon Women (TV Show)


The Mississippi Gambler (Movie)

Bridesmaid (Actor)


Blonde and buxom to a physics-defying degree, Swedish born actress Anita Ekberg became the very definition of cinematic sex goddess with her iconic performance in Italian director Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita" (1960). Coming to America after winning the Miss Sweden beauty competition in 1950, Ekberg soon secured herself a contract with Universal Pictures and began a string of appearances in such features as "Blood Alley" (1955), "Hollywood or Bust" (1956) and the historical epic "War and Peace" (1956). Often eclipsing her work on screen, however, were the alleged romantic liaisons with many of Hollywood's most powerful leading men, including Tyrone Power, Gary Cooper and Frank Sinatra. Sub-par genre pictures with titles like "Sheba and the Gladiator" (1959) were fast becoming Ekberg's stock-in-trade before Fellini cast the stunning actress in "La Dolce Vita," instantly making her co-star Marcello Mastroianni an international superstar, but oddly, doing little to advance her career. After a few more mainstream efforts like "4 for Texas" (1963), Ekberg settled for decades of forgettable European-produced B-movies until she appeared as herself in the Fellini reminiscence "Intervista" (1987). Although her performance in "La Dolce Vita" far outshone any of Ekberg's performances before or after, the image of her cavorting with Mastroianni in Rome's historic Trevi Fountain would be more than enough to ensure her a place in the pantheon of film's greatest sex symbols for all time. Anita Ekberg died in her adopted home of Italy on January 11, 2015.



Gianni Agnelli

Reportedly had a liaison

Alain Delon Actor

Reportedly were romantically involved in the early 1960s

Rik Nutter

Married in 1963 Divorced in 1975

Fred Otash

Dated in early 1950s

Anthony Steel

Born on May 21, 1919 Married in 1956 in Florence, Italy; his second marriage Steel reportedly was an alcoholic whose drinking problem caused the breakup of the marriage Divorced in 1959 Died in March 2001 at age 81



Made one of her last acting appearances on Italian TV series "Il Bello delle donne"


Appeared as a flamboyant opera star who is romance by the titular character in "Le Nain rouge/The Red Dwarf" (released in the U.S. in 1999)


Played an elderly restaurant owner who is killed in a gas explosion in ""Bambola"


Acted in "Il Conte Max," a film directed by Christian de Sica (son of Vittorio)


With Mastroianni, appeared as themselves in Fellini's mock documentary "Intervista"


U.S. TV-movie debut as the queen in "Gold of the Amazon Women" (NBC)


Played herself in Fellini's "I Pagliacci/Clowns"


Co-starred with Shirley MacLaine in Vittorio de Sica's "Woman Times Seven"


Reteamed with Fellini for "Le tentazioni del Dottor Antonio," his segment of "Boccacio '70"


Delivered her signature film performance as the movie star Sylvia in Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita," co-starring Marcello Mastroianni


Landed one of her best Hollywood roles as Helene in King Vidor's "War and Peace"


Made guest appearance on the ABC series "Casablanca" playing Ilsa (the role created in the film by Ingrid Bergman)


Played a character loosely based on herself in "Artists and Models," featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis


U.S. film debut in "Abbott and Costello Go to Mars" and "The Golden Blade"


Competed in the Miss Universe pageant


Film acting debut in "Terras foster No. 5"


Moved to Los Angeles, CA


Named Miss Sweden

Worked as model

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On working with Fellini, Ekberg told Allesandra Stanley: "I didn't speak Italian and he didn't speak English at that time. We communicated by looking at each other. It was most amazing. We didn't need dialogue very often. With the little Italian I knew, and the little English he knew, we communicated very well." – Ekberg on working with Fellini, told to Allesandra Stanley of The New York Times, June 13, 1999