Anita Louise

Born: 01/09/1915 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (29)

The Villain Still Pursued Her 1940 (Movie)

Mary Wilson (Actor)

Going Places 1938 (Movie)

Ellen Parker (Actor)

Marie Antoinette 1937 (Movie)

Princesse de Lamballe (Actor)

Anthony Adverse 1935 (Movie)


The Story of Louis Pasteur 1935 (Movie)

Annette Pasteur (Actor)

Bachelor of Arts (Movie)

Mimi Smith (Actor)

Blondie's Blessed Event (Movie)


Brides Are Like That (Movie)

Hazel Robinson (Actor)

Casanova Brown (Movie)

Madge Ferris (Actor)

Dangerous Blondes (Movie)

Julie Taylor (Actor)

First Lady (Movie)

Emmy Page (Actor)

Green Light (Movie)

Phyllis Dexter (Actor)

Harmon of Michigan (Movie)

Peggy Adams (Actor)

I Give My Love (Movie)

Lorna March (Actor)

Judge Priest (Movie)

Ellie May Gillespie (Actor)

Love Letters (Movie)

Helen Wentworth (Actor)

Millie (Movie)

Connie (Actor)

Nine Girls (Movie)

Paula Canfield (Actor)

Our Betters (Movie)

Bessie (Actor)

Retreat, Hell! (Movie)

Ruth Hansen (Actor)

That Certain Woman (Movie)

Flip (Actor)

The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (Movie)

Lady Catherine Maitland (Actor)

The Devil's Mask (Movie)


The Gorilla (Movie)

Norma Denby (Actor)

The Great Meadow (Movie)

Betty Hall (Actor)

The Little Princess (Movie)

Miss Rose (Actor)

The Marriage Playground (Movie)

Blanca (Actor)

Tovarich (Movie)

Helen Dupont (Actor)


Buddy Adler Producer

Married May 17, 1940 until his death July 12, 1960

Henry Berger

Married April 21, 1962 until her death April 25, 1970