Ann Dvorak

Actor, Chorus girl, Dance instructor
Born: 08/02/1912 in New York City, New York, USA


Actor (34)

A Life of Her Own 1950 (Movie)

Mary Ashlon (Actor)

The Walls of Jericho 1948 (Movie)

Belle Connors (Actor)

The Long Night 1947 (Movie)

Charlene (Actor)

Flame of the Barbary Coast 1945 (Movie)

'Flaxen' Tarry (Actor)

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round 1936 (Movie)

Ann Rogers (Actor)

Thanks a Million 1934 (Movie)


Scarface 1932 (Movie)

Cesca (Actor)

Three on a Match 1932 (Movie)

Vivian Deverse (Actor)

Free and Easy 1930 (Movie)

Bit Part (Actor)

Hollywood Revue of 1929 1929 (Movie)

Chorus girl (Actor)

Abilene Town (Movie)

Rita (Actor)

Blind Alley (Movie)

Mary (Actor)

Bright Lights (Movie)

Fay Wilson (Actor)

College Coach (Movie)

Claire Gore (Actor)

Dr. Socrates (Movie)

Josephine Gray (Actor)

G-Men (Movie)

Jean Morgan (Actor)

Good News (Movie)

Chorus (uncredited) (Actor)

Housewife (Movie)

Nan Wilson Reynolds (Actor)

Lord Byron of Broadway (Movie)

Chorus girl (Actor)

Love Is a Racket (Movie)

Sally Condon (Actor)

Masquerade in Mexico (Movie)

Helen Grant (Actor)

Massacre (Movie)

Lydia (Actor)

Midnight Alibi (Movie)

Joan Morley (Actor)

Murder in the Clouds (Movie)

Judy Wagner (Actor)

Sky Devils (Movie)

Mary (Actor)

Stranger in Town (Movie)

Marian (Actor)

Street of Missing Men (Movie)

Jo (Actor)

Stronger Than Desire (Movie)

Eva McLain (Actor)

The Bachelor's Daughters (Movie)

Terry (Actor)

The Crowd Roars (Movie)

Lee Merrick (Actor)

The Guardsman (Movie)

Fan (Actor)

The Private Affairs of Bel Ami (Movie)

Madeleine Forestier (Actor)

The Secret of Convict Lake (Movie)

Rachel (Actor)

The Way to Love (Movie)

Madeleine (Actor)


Leslie Fenton

married 1932-45