Anna Faris’ Hubby, Chris Pratt, Won’t Reveal How Many Women He’s Slept With

Some men love bragging about how many women they’ve had sex with. I imagine that in their minds it’s the higher the number, the greater the manhood. It’s a ridiculous belief system, but men will be men, right? Well apparently not all men are as anxious to reveal their secret number — not even to their significant other. Anna Faris claims that her husband, Chris Pratt, refuses to tell her how many women he’s slept with. But the actress doesn’t seem all that stressed about not having that private information, revealing, “My husband won’t tell me his number, and I think it is probably a really good policy.” She’s probably right — no use digging up the past if you’re happy with the present. Knowing your loved one’s number isn’t always for the best.

Speaking of numbers, the What’s Your Number? star shared the number of kids she and her hubby would like to have one day. She proclaims, “I would love to have eight!” but adds that, I don’t think I could handle it, though!” Faris does admit though that they might be expanding their family sooner rather than later. Faris confesses, “I don’t know…maybe in the next few years. We want to populate!” So it looks like Anna’s love life has never been better. Now if she could only get her husband to change the toilet paper roll. She jokingly commented, “What is wrong with men about the refllling of the toilet paper? Why does that never happen?” That’s a question I think all women would like answered.

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Source: E!