Anna Kendrick Gets in on the K-Pop Phenomenon in New Funny or Die Sketch


Anna Kendrick‘s got Seoul. The 27-year-old actress — who has already made her mark on the U.S. charts thanks to her “Cups” ditty from the Pitch Perfect soundtrack — is now going global with her newfound pop star status.

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In a new Funny or Die clip, Kendrick gets in on the K-Pop phenomenon by joining South Korean girl group F(x) for their infuriatingly catchy song “Electric Shock.” The pint-sized star has a hard time adjusting to the choreography, the culture, and the language at first (she mispronounces the lyric “too much” in a way that changes the meaning to “diarrhea”), but before she knows it she looks like an extra in Cloud Atlas and gets into the groove. 

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Watch the entire video below, and make sure you stay until the end for some out-of-this-world laughs. Look out world, Anna Kendrick is taking over. And she was pretty good in that George Clooney movie, too. 

[Photo credit: Funny or Die] 

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