Anna Nicole Smith ‘Overwhelmed’ by Son’s Death

Anna Nicole Smith is overwhelmed with grief and is currently in seclusion in the Bahamas after the sudden death of her son Daniel.

Daniel died on Sunday at age 20, after flying to the island to join his mother three days after she gave birth to his half-sister.

Smith‘s Bahamian attorney Michael Scott says, “She’s overwhelmed. She’s trying to come to grips with the depth of her despair.”

Scott adds that Smith is in seclusion in the Bahamas with friends and family “as you would expect (of) any parent who has sustained this kind of loss.”

Officials have labeled Daniel’s death “suspicious” and have scheduled a formal inquiry, which is set to begin on Oct. 23.

Anna Nicole’s Mom Begs for Funeral Reunion

Anna Nicole Smith‘s estranged mother has gone public with her plea to attend her grandson’s funeral after she was cut out of his life by the actress/model.

Virgie Arthur appeared on TV news show The Insider last night, and begged her daughter not to turn her away from saying a fond farewell to her grandson Daniel, who died in the Bahamas on Sunday.

Arthur, who claims to have brought Daniel up for the first six years of his life while his mother looked for work, said she was cut out of the boy’s life when her daughter found success as a model and moved from Texas to Los Angeles.

She said, “I wasn’t allowed to see him and I wasn’t allowed to visit and he wasn’t allowed to call.”

Arthur insists she still doesn’t know why she was cut from her grandson’s life and she’s devastated by his mysterious death because she was holding out hope of seeing him again.

She added, “I sure thought when he got old enough he’d come back to Texas.”

In a tearful TV message to Anna Nicole, her mother said, “I love you very much and I’m so sorry about Daniel but we’re here for you if you need us.”

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