Anna Nicole Smith’s Mother Arrives in the Bahamas

Anna Nicole Smith‘s mother has arrived in the Bahamas in an effort to look after the best interests of her late daughter’s baby Dannielynn.

Retired police officer Virgie Arthur jetted to her estranged daughter’s Caribbean island home on Nassau after asking fans of the model and actress to “pray for my granddaughter,” on Good Morning America yesterday.

Arthur, who was traveling with an entourage of family members, met with Royal Bahamas police upon her arrival in the Bahamas and sources close to the family claim she’s determined to make sure her five-month-old granddaughter is well looked after.

Family friends claim Arthur is hoping to gain custody of baby Dannielynn ahead of an upcoming DNA test hearing in Los Angeles on Feb. 20, when a paternity battle between Smith‘s ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead and her attorney/partner Howard K. Stern will be resolved.

Stern’s name is named as the father on the baby’s birth certificate, but Birkhead insists he’s Dannielynn’s biological father.

The baby is reportedly being cared for at an undisclosed location by a friend in the Bahamas.

Smith‘s longtime confidante Khristine Eroshevich, who has spent time with Anna Nicole in the Bahamas, states, “The baby is being well looked-after.”

Anna Nicole’s Sister Continues with Book Plans

Anna Nicole Smith‘s sister is forging ahead with plans to release a revealing new book about her tragic sibling, who died on Thursday.

Donna Hogan’s new book has been delayed several times, but is now scheduled for imminent release and Smith‘s sister has no plans to pull it from bookshelves–even though it paints the model/actress in a terrible light.

Hogan recently told WENN, “Everything is 100 percent truth, it (the book’s details) makes her look like a sick, disturbing b**ch.

“It’s about me and her and how our relationship was and how her life was.”

The bitter Texan, who admits she hasn’t spoken to her sister face-to-face for years, insists she won’t even add a final chapter dealing with Anna Nicole‘s death.