Anna Thomson

Actor, Ballerina
Born: 09/18/1953


Actor (45)

Oh, Belly...Belly 2014 (Movie)


Beirut 2002 (Movie)

Bridget Finn (Actor)

Mr. Smith Gets a Hustler 2002 (Movie)

Doreen (Actor)

Fast Food, Fast Women 2001 (Movie)

Bella (Actor)

Water Drops on Burning Rocks 2000 (Movie)

Vera (Actor)

Fiona 1999 (Movie)

Fiona (Actor)

Six Ways to Sunday 1999 (Movie)

Annibelle (Actor)

Sue 1998 (Movie)

Sue (Actor)

Trouble on the Corner 1998 (Movie)

The Butcher's Wife (Actor)

Dead Girl 1997 (Movie)


Drunks 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


I Love You, I Love You Not 1997 (Movie)


Jaded 1997 (Movie)

Alex (Actor)

Other Voices, Other Rooms 1997 (Movie)

Amy Skully (Actor)

Angela 1996 (Movie)

Mae (Actor)

Hardcore TV 1994 - 1996 (TV Show)


I Shot Andy Warhol 1996 (Movie)

Iris (Actor)

Angus 1995 (Movie)

April Thomas (Actor)

Bad Boys 1995 (Movie)

Francine (Actor)

The Mother 1994 - 1995 (TV Show)


Baby's Day Out 1994 (Movie)

Mrs McCray (Actor)

Outside the Law 1994 (Movie)

Tanya Borgman (Actor)

The Crow 1994 (Movie)

Darla (Actor)

Hardcore TV 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


True Romance 1993 (Movie)

Lucy (Actor)

Crisscross 1992 (Movie)

Monica (Actor)

Unforgiven 1992 (Movie)

Delilah Fitzgerald (Actor)

Warlock 1991 (Movie)

Pastor's Wife (Actor)

White Hot 1989 (Movie)

Heather (Actor)

Bird 1988 (Movie)

Audrey (Actor)

Talk Radio 1988 (Movie)

Woman At Basketball Game (Actor)

Talk Radio 1988 (Movie)

of Denise (Voice)

Fatal Attraction 1987 (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

Leonard Part 6 1987 (Movie)

Nurse Carvalho (Actor)

The Colbys 1985 - 1987 (TV Show)


At Close Range 1986 (Movie)

Bar-Room Dancer (Actor)

Something Wild 1986 (Movie)

The Girl in 3F (Actor)

Desperately Seeking Susan 1985 (Movie)

Crystal (Actor)

Maria's Lovers 1985 (Movie)

Kathy (Actor)

Murphy's Romance 1985 (Movie)

Wanda (Actor)

The Pope of Greenwich Village 1984 (Movie)

Country Club Waitress (Actor)

Heaven's Gate 1980 (Movie)

Little Dot (Actor)

A Woman Named Jackie (TV Show)


Cafe Society (TV Show)


Dead in the Water (TV Show)



attended schools in France; dropped out of high school


Worked as a ballet dancer in France and NYC

Raised in NYC and France