Anne Parillaud

Svelte French beauty Anne Parillaud made her film debut in "L'Hotel de la Plage" (1978) while still in her teens and appeared in several more European movies before aligning herself both on and off the screen with ... Read more »
Born: 05/05/1960 in Paris, FR


Actor (25)

Ce que le jour doit à la nuit 2012 (Movie)


Gigola 2011 (Movie)


The Last Mistress 2008 (Movie)

Madame de Solcy (Actor)

Demandez La Permission Aux Enfants! 2007 (Movie)

Anna (Actor)

Deadlines 2004 (Movie)

Julia (Actor)

Sex is Comedy 2004 (Movie)

Jeanne (Actor)

Promised Land 2003 (Movie)


Gangsters 2002 (Movie)

Nina (Actor)

Une pour toutes 2000 (Movie)

Olga Duclos (Actor)

Shattered Image 1998 (Movie)

Jessie (Actor)

The Man in the Iron Mask 1998 (Movie)

Queen Anne (Actor)

Dead Girl 1997 (Movie)

Helen Catherine (Actor)

Frankie Starlight 1995 (Movie)

Bernadette (Actor)

Passage a l'acte 1995 (Movie)

Isabelle d'Archambault (Actor)

Six Days, Six Nights 1994 (Movie)

Alice (Actor)

Map of the Human Heart 1993 (Movie)

Albertine (Actor)

Innocent Blood 1992 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

La Femme Nikita 1991 (Movie)

Nikita (Actor)

What Time Is It? 1989 (Movie)

Loredana (Actor)

Juillet en Septembre 1988 (Movie)

Marie (Actor)

Le Battant 1983 (Movie)


Pour la peau d'un flic 1980 (Movie)

Charlotte (Actor)

Patricia-einmal Himmel und zuruck 1979 (Movie)

Patricia Cook (Actor)

Ecoute Voir... 1977 (Movie)

Chole (Actor)

L' Hotel de la plage 1977 (Movie)

Estelle (Actor)


Svelte French beauty Anne Parillaud made her film debut in "L'Hotel de la Plage" (1978) while still in her teens and appeared in several more European movies before aligning herself both on and off the screen with French auteur Alain Delon, acting in his crime dramas ("Pour la Peau d'un flic" 1981 and "Le Battant" 1983). She broke through to international stardom as the punk junkie transformed into a murderous, stylish secret agent in "La Femme Nikita" (1990), the role written for her by Luc Besson, the film's director and Parillaud's companion for several years. When "Nikita" became an art-house hit in the USA, a move to American features was inevitable.

Parillaud's first Hollywood film was John Landis' "Innocent Blood" (1992), a violent horror comedy co-starring Anthony LaPaglia, in which she approached her role as a lonely vampire with admirable empathy and conviction. This clever and savvy genre film, however, failed with critics and at the box office. Her next credit was an ambitious international co-production, Vincent Ward's "Map of the Human Heart" (1993), wherein Parillaud portrayed a young Metis (half-Quebec French, half-Indian) whose love of a half-breed Inuit (Jason Scott Lee) conflicts with her desire to fully join the white world.

Parillaud returned to Europe, where she continued to be very picky about roles, refusing to do anything for commerce alone, waiting for projects that touched her heart as well. She starred opposite Beatrice Dalle in the French sibling rivalry drama "A la Folie/Six Days, Six Nights" (1994) and portrayed a WWII refugee from France loved by Matt Dillon and Gabriel Byrne in "Frankie Starlight" (1995). After acting in "Passage a l'acte/Death in Therapy" (1996), a cautionary tale of the perils of the psychiatrist's couch for the analyst and the analysand, she appeared in her most mainstream movie yet, playing Queen Anne in Randall Wallace's directorial debut, "The Man in the Iron Mask" (1998), starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Gabriel Byrne.


Mark Allen


Luc Besson

born c. 1959 met c. 1986 at Avoriaz festival of fantasy films in France no longer together divorced

Luc Besson Producer

Married 1986 Parillaud played title role in Besson's "La Femme Nikita" (1990) Divorced 1991

Juliette Besson


Alain Delon Actor



Ecole Florent


studied ballet as a child



Starred as a director struggling with a difficult sex scene between two actors who can't stand each other in Catherine Breillat's "Sex is Comedy"


Played Queen Anne in "Man in the Iron Mask"; film reunited her with Byrne (who played D'Artagnan)


Played dual role in Raul Ruiz's "Shattered Image"


Acted in "Frankie Starlight", portraying a WWII French refugee loved by Matt Dllon and Gabriel Byrne


Starred opposite Beatrice Dalle in "Six Days, Six Nights"


Portrayed a young Metis (half-Quebec Franch, half-Indian) in Vincent Ward's "Map of the Human Heart"; Moreau contributed a cameo


American acting debut, John Landis' "Innocent Blood"


Breakthrough role, "La Femme Nikita"; first film with Moreau


Played Jeanne Moreau's daughter in "Intoxe" on Paris stage (date approximate)


Reteamed with Delon in "Le Battant/The Cache"


First of two films with auteur-lover Alain Delon, "Pour la Peau d'un Flic/For a Cop's Hide"


Feature acting debut, "L'Hotel de la Plage"

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"Me, I don't like myself much. I'm not interesting. The pleasure for me is in the abandonment of myself. As an actress I want to give everything I can. That is my pleasure." --Anne Parillaud, quoted in MOVIES USA (undated)


"I'm not fascinated with the Hollywood dream. I was disappointed by 'Innocent Blood'. But I don't have any rules or reasonable decisions--it's all impulse, feeling. I don't think about what film I should do next--I go by emotion, that's what's important to me. Any other way would be dishonest." --Parillaud to MOVIELINE, June 1995