Anne Wiazemsky


Actor (22)

Ville etrangere 1988 (Movie)

Stephanie (Actor)

Rendez-vous 1987 (Movie)

Administrator (Actor)

Testament d'un poete juif assassine 1987 (Movie)

Raissa Kossover (Actor)

Qui trop embrasse 1986 (Movie)


L' Enfant Secret 1982 (Movie)


Meme les momes ont du vague a l'Ame 1978 (Movie)

Photographe (Actor)

Die Ausleiferung 1973 (Movie)

Nathalie (Actor)

Le Train 1972 (Movie)

Girl (Actor)

Tout va bien 1972 (Movie)

Leftist (Actor)

Georges Qui? 1971 (Movie)

Georges Sand (Actor)

Le Retour d'Afrique 1971 (Movie)

Girl at Post Office (Actor)

Vladimir et Rosa 1971 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Au Hasard, Balthazar 1970 (Movie)

Marie--the Girl (Actor)

One American Movie/1 A.M. 1970 (Movie)

Herself (Actor)

Raphael, ou le Debauche 1970 (Movie)

Diane (Actor)

The Wind From the East 1969 (Movie)

Whore (Actor)

1 1 1968 (Movie)

Eve Democracy (Actor)

Pigsty 1968 (Movie)

Ida (Actor)

The Chinese Girl 1968 (Movie)

Veronique (Actor)

Theorem 1968 (Movie)

Odetta--the Daughter (Actor)

Weekend 1968 (Movie)

Girl in Farmyard/Member of the FLSO (Actor)
Writer (2)

Toutes Ces Belles Promesses 2002 (Movie)

(Writer (adaptation))

U.S. Go Home 1993 (Movie)