Annick Therrien


Visual Effects & Animation (10)

Cliffhanger 1993 (Movie)

rotoscope supervisor(aerial unit) (Rotoscope Animator)

Alien3 1992 (Movie)

rotoscope supervisor(Boss Film) (Rotoscope Animator)

Batman Returns 1992 (Movie)

rotoscope(Boss Film) (Rotoscope Animator)

Big Trouble in Little China 1986 (Movie)

technical animation supervisor(Boss Film) (Animation Supervisor)

Poltergeist II: the Other Side 1986 (Movie)

technical animation supervisor(Boss Film Corporation) (Animation Supervisor)

The Boy Who Could Fly 1986 (Movie)

technical animation supervisor (Animation Supervisor)

Fright Night 1985 (Movie)

rotoscope supervisor (Rotoscope Animator)

2010 1984 (Movie)

technical animator (Animator)

Ghostbusters 1984 (Movie)

technical animator (Animator)

Return of the Jedi 1983 (Movie)

animation effects (Visual Effects)