Annie Girardot

Actor, Radio performer
With Simone Signoret and Jeanne Moreau, Annie Girardot was one of the major female stars in France during the 1960s and 70s. With her gamine-like sensuality, the actress first became established as a stage comedienne ... Read more »
Born: 10/25/1931 in Paris, FR


Actor (78)

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Producer (1)

Ursule et Grelu 1972 (Movie)



With Simone Signoret and Jeanne Moreau, Annie Girardot was one of the major female stars in France during the 1960s and 70s. With her gamine-like sensuality, the actress first became established as a stage comedienne. In contrast, her film roles, notably those for directors Claude Lelouch and Andre Cayatte tapped a darker quality, casting her as women of dubious morality who seemed doomed to a violent end. Girardot first gained international attention with Luchino Visconti's intensely dramatic family saga, "Rocco and His Brothers" (1960). Lelouch first utilized her as Yves Montand's estranged wife in "Vivre pour vivre/Live for Life" (1967) and she went on to appear opposite Philippe Noiret in several emotionally charged role, including "La Vieille fille" (1971) and "Tendre Poulet" (1977). Girardot won a Best Actress Cesar for her portrayal of a contemporary physician facing more trials than a typical soap opera heroine in "Docteur Francoise Gailland/No Time for Breakfast" (1975). A venture to Hollywood in the Barbra Streisand vehicle "All Night Long" (1981) proved misguided. Girardot returned to her homeland where she has continued to grace features as diverse as Michel Legrand's autobiographical "Cinq jours en juin/Five Days in June" (1989) and Lelouch's contemporary riff on "Les Miserables" (1995).


Guilia Salvatori


Renato Salvatori

married in 1962


Paris Conservatoire

studied four years

studied acting with Henri Bosc and Jean Meyer



Appeared in Lelouch's "Les Miserables"


Only Hollywood feature, "All Night Long", starring Barbra Streisand; played a French teacher


Won Best Actress Cesar for the title role in "Docteur Francoise Gailland"


First of four screen roles directed by Andre Cayette, "Mourir d'amour"


Played the estranged wife of Yves Montand in Claude Lelouch's "Vivre pour vire/Live for Life"; first of six films with Lelouch


Won praise for her performance as an ex-countess in Marcel Carne's "Trois Chambre a Manhattan"


Had title role in "The Ape Woman"


Was featured in Luchino Visconti's "Rocco and His Brothers"


Co-starred in Jean Delannoy's "Inspector Maigret"


Feature film debut, "Treize a table"


Was a member of the Comedie-Francaise

Raised in Normandy, France