Anthony Caruso

Born: 04/06/1916 in Frankfort, Indiana, USA


Actor (62)

Revolution 2014 (Tv Show)


Death Feud 1989 (Movie)


The Legend of Grizzly Adams 1989 (Movie)


The Joe Piscopo Special 1984 - 1985 (TV Show)


Kino, the Padre on Horseback 1976 (Movie)


Mean Johnny Barrows 1975 (Movie)


The Zebra Force 1975 (Movie)

Salvatore Moreno (Actor)

Brother, Cry For Me 1970 (Movie)


Flap 1970 (Movie)


Run Jack Run 1969 - 1970 (TV Show)


Star Trek 1967 - 1969 (Tv Show)


Sylvia 1965 (Movie)

Muscles (Actor)

Young Dillinger 1964 (Movie)

Rocco (Actor)

Where Love Has Gone 1963 (Movie)

Rafael (Actor)

Escape From Zahrain 1962 (Movie)

Tahar (Actor)

The Most Dangerous Man Alive 1961 (Movie)

Andy Darmon (Actor)

Never Steal Anything Small 1959 (Movie)

Lieutenant Tevis (Actor)

The Badlanders 1958 (Movie)

Comanche (Actor)

The Wonderful Country 1958 (Movie)

Santos (Actor)

Fort Massacre 1957 (Movie)

Pawnee (Actor)

The Oklahoman 1957 (Movie)

Jim Hawk (Actor)

A Cry in the Night 1956 (Movie)

Chavez (Actor)

The Big Land 1956 (Movie)

Brog (Actor)

Hell on Frisco Bay 1955 (Movie)

Sebastian Pasmonick (Actor)

Jail Busters 1955 (Movie)

Ed Lannigan (Actor)

Tennessee's Partner 1955 (Movie)

Turner (Actor)

Toughest Man Alive 1955 (Movie)

Gore (Actor)

Cattle Queen of Montana 1954 (Movie)

Natchakoa (Actor)

Drum Beat 1954 (Movie)

Manok (Actor)

Passion 1954 (Movie)

Sergeant Munoz (Actor)

Phantom of the Rue Morgue 1954 (Movie)

Jacques (Actor)

Saskatchewan 1954 (Movie)

Spotted Eagle (Actor)

The Magnificent Matador 1954 (Movie)

Emiliano (Actor)

Desert Legion 1953 (Movie)

Lieutenant Messaoud (Actor)

The Boy From Oklahoma 1953 (Movie)

Barney Turlock (Actor)

The Asphalt Jungle 1950 (Movie)

Louis Ciavelli (Actor)

The Blue Dahlia 1946 (Movie)

Marine Corporal (Actor)

Star in the Night 1944 (Movie)

Jose Santos (Actor)

Tall, Dark and Handsome 1940 (Movie)


Always in My Heart (Movie)

Frank (Actor)

And Now Tomorrow (Movie)

Peter Gallo (Actor)

Anna Lucasta (Movie)

Eddie (Actor)

Blackbeard the Pirate (Movie)

Pierre LaGarde (Actor)

Don Juan Quilligan (Movie)

One-Eyed Fagen (Actor)

Johnny Apollo (Movie)

Joe the Henchman (Actor)

Man Against the Mob (TV Show)


Night Editor (Movie)

Tusco (Actor)

Northwest Mounted Police (Movie)

Half-Breed at Riel's Headquarters (Actor)

Objective, Burma! (Movie)

Miggleori (Actor)

Pride of the Marines (Movie)

Johnny Rivers (Actor)

Song of India (Movie)

Maj. Doraj (Actor)

Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Movie)

Mongo (Actor)

Tarzan and the Slave Girl (Movie)

Sengo (Actor)

The Catman of Paris (Movie)

Raoul (Actor)

The Crime Doctor's Courage (Movie)

Miguel Bragga (Actor)

The Desperate Mission (TV Show)


The Ghost and the Guest (Movie)

Ted (Actor)

The Iron Mistress (Movie)

"Bloody Jack" Sturdevant (Actor)

The Man Behind the Gun (Movie)

Vic Sutro (Actor)

The Stork Club (Movie)

Joe, the Fisherman (Actor)

Watch on the Rhine (Movie)

Italian Man (Actor)

Whistling in Brooklyn (Movie)