Anthony Wong Chau-Sang

Born: 09/01/1961


Actor (61)

Gangster Pay Day 2014 (Movie)

Kwai (Actor)

Jessica Caught on Tape 2014 (Movie)

Robert (Actor)

My Life As Mcdull 2014 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

Ip Man: The Final Fight 2013 (Movie)

Ip Man (Actor)

The Four 2 2013 (Movie)

Zhuge Zhenwo (as Anthony Wong) (Actor)

A Simple Life 2012 (Movie)


A Beautiful Life 2011 (Movie)

Zhong (Actor)

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen 2011 (Movie)

Liu Yutian (Actor)

Punished 2011 (Movie)


White Vengeance 2011 (Movie)

Fan Zeng (Actor)

Vengeance 2010 (Movie)

Kwai (Actor)

Dream Home 2009 (Movie)


Gam chin dai gwok 2009 (Movie)


McDull: Kungfu Ding Ding Dong 2009 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

Turning Point 2009 (Movie)


Plastic City 2008 (Movie)

Yuda (Actor)

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor 2008 (Movie)

General Yang (Actor)

The Underdog Knight 2008 (Movie)

Brother Rong (Actor)

True Women for Sale 2008 (Movie)

Lau Fu-Yi (Actor)

Bullet and Brain 2007 (Movie)

A-Zhi (Actor)

Dancing Lion 2007 (Movie)


Exiled 2007 (Movie)

Blaze (Actor)

Mr. Cinema 2007 (Movie)

Zhou Heung-kong (Actor)

Secret 2007 (Movie)

Yeh Hsiang-lun' Father (Actor)

The Sun Also Rises 2007 (Movie)

Liang (Actor)

Isabella 2006 (Movie)


McDull the Alumni 2006 (Movie)


On the Edge 2006 (Movie)


The Painted Veil 2006 (Movie)

Colonel Yu (Actor)

All About Love 2005 (Movie)


Just One Look 2005 (Movie)

Crazy (Actor)

Slim Till Dead 2005 (Movie)


Taumanchi D 2005 (Movie)

Bunta Fujiwara (Actor)

20:30:40 2004 (Movie)

Cameo (Actor)

Infernal Affairs 2004 (Movie)

SP Wong (Actor)

Chin Gei Bin 2003 (Movie)


Colour of the Truth 2003 (Movie)


Infernal Affairs 2 2003 (Movie)


Infernal Affairs 3 2003 (Movie)

SP Wong Chi Shing (Actor)

McDull, Prince De La Bun 2003 (Movie)

Voice (Actor)

The Medallion 2003 (Movie)

Lester Wong (Actor)

Fu Bo 2002 (Movie)


Time and Tide 2001 (Movie)

Uncle Ji (Actor)

Yauling Yangan 2001 (Movie)

(cameo appearance) (Actor)

Gongwu gogap 2000 (Movie)


Jackie Chan Presents: Metal Mayhem 2000 (Movie)

Dr Tang (Actor)

Black Mask 1999 (Movie)

King Kau (Actor)

Chungwa yinghung 1999 (Movie)

Master Pride (Actor)

Qian Yan Wan Yu 1999 (Movie)

Kam (Actor)

The Mission 1999 (Movie)

Curtis (Actor)

Beast Cops 1998 (Movie)

Tung (Actor)

Metade fumaca 1998 (Movie)


Young and Dangerous 3 1996 (Movie)


Young and Dangerous 4 1996 (Movie)


Young and Dangerous 2 1995 (Movie)


Executioners 1993 (Movie)

Black Warrior (Actor)

Sang Gong yatho Tungchap Fan 1993 (Movie)

Inspector Hung (Actor)

The Heroic Trio 1993 (Movie)

Kau (Actor)

Full Contact (Xia Dao Gao Fei) 1992 (Movie)

Sam (Actor)

Hard Boiled 1992 (Movie)

Johnny Wong (Actor)

Dancing Bull 1989 (Movie)

Benny (Actor)