Anti-Rape Underwear Is, Sadly, a Thing

Anti-rape lingerie has been invented

Certainly electrified underwear that literally shocks attackers could cut down on sexual assault. But how sad is it that we live in a world where that seems necessary?

Three Indian engineering students invented the lingerie, which is capable of  “emitting up to 82 shocks on an attacker” if he gropes the wearer’s breast, The Huffington Post says. The undergarments are also equipped with GPS tracking that informs authorities and family members of the attack.

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It’s fitting that, as the India Times reports, the technology is called “Society Harnessing Equipment.” Clearly that’s a play for the acronym SHE, but it seems to speak to a broader issue here: If our society needs to stop sexual assaults using the electrified-fence mode, we have some serious harnessing to do.

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While the product is obviously well-intentioned, it also has an air of creepy patriarchy, as if women can only be protected when under constant surveillance — and wired like a valuable store item that’ll set off the door alarm if you try to shoplift it. Let’s hope there comes a day when this seems ludicrous, rather than inventive.

Get a glimpse at the product in the below video.
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