Anton Chekhov

Born: 01/29/1860


Writer (39)

Days and Nights 2014 (Movie)

(from play: "The Seagull") (Source Material)

Anton Chekhov's The Duel 2010 (Movie)

(from story) (Source Material)

Ward No. 6 2009 (Movie)

(from short story: "Ward Number Six") (Source Material)

White Night Wedding 2008 (Movie)

(from play: "Ivanov") (Source Material)

Three Days of Rain 2005 (Movie)

(from stories) (Source Material)

Le Petite Lili 2004 (Movie)

(Story: "The Seagull") (Source Material)

Mansion by the Lake 2003 (Movie)

(inspired by play: "The Cherry Orchard") (Source Material)

The Cherry Orchard 2002 (Movie)

("The Cherry Orchard") (Play as Source Material)

Lover's Prayer 2000 (Movie)

("The Peasant Women") (Source Material (from novel))

Upheaval 1999 (Movie)

from short story (From Story)

Living Out Loud 1998 (Movie)

("The Kiss") (From Story)

August 1996 (Movie)

("Uncle Vanya") (Play as Source Material)

Country Life 1995 (Movie)

("Uncle Vanya") (Play as Source Material)

Rothschild's Violin 1995 (Movie)

(From Story)

Vanya on 42nd Street 1994 (Movie)

("Uncle Vanya") (Play as Source Material)

A Golden Ring and Red, Red Roses 1993 (Movie)

("In the Ravine") (From Story)

The Three Sisters 1993 (Movie)

("Three Sisters") (Play as Source Material)

Three Sisters 1993 (Movie)

(Play as Source Material)

Swan Song 1992 (Movie)

("Swan Song") (Play as Source Material)

The Bet 1992 (Movie)

from short story (From Story)

A Harom Nover 1991 (Movie)

("Three Sisters") (Play as Source Material)

Il Giardino dei Ciliegi 1991 (Movie)

(Play as Source Material)

Kasba 1990 (Movie)

from novella("In the Valley") (Source Material (from novel))

Trois Annees 1989 (Movie)

from novella (Source Material (from novel))

Cherni Monakh 1988 (Movie)

(From Story)

Hotel de France 1987 (Movie)

("Platanov Chronicles") (From Story)

Der Bar 1983 (Movie)

("Der Bar") (Play as Source Material)

Il Gabbiano 1976 (Movie)

("The Seagull") (Play as Source Material)

The Seagull 1974 - 1975 (TV Show)

Play as Source Material

Dyadya Vanya 1970 (Movie)

("Dyadya Vanya") (Play as Source Material)

Three Sisters 1969 (Movie)

("Three Sisters") (Play as Source Material)

The Sea Gull 1968 (Movie)

("The Sea Gull") (Play as Source Material)

In the Town of S 1965 (Movie)

("Ionych") (From Story)

I Tre volti della paura 1964 (Movie)

("The Drop of Water") (From Story)

The Three Sisters 1963 (Movie)

(Play as Source Material)

The Lady With the Dog 1959 (Movie)

(From Story)

The Gadfly 1955 (Movie)

(From Story)

The Cherry Orchard (TV Show)

Play as Source Material

Uncle Vanya (TV Show)

Play as Source Material
Other (4)

Three Days of Rain 2005 (Movie)

from stories("The Bear" "The Cossac" "Sleepy" "The Misery" "The Father" "The Malefactor") (Other)

Clouds of May 2000 (Movie)

dedicated to Anton Chekhov (Other)

Agatha 1998 (Movie)

from short stories("Agatha" "Volodia" "The Huntsman") (Other)

Dark Eyes 1987 (Movie)

from short stories (Other)