Antony Sher

Actor, Author, Screenwriter
Acclaimed as one of the most dynamic and intelligent British stage actors in the last two decades, Antony Sher remains a relative unknown in the USA. He has appeared in several cult films, notably in the title role of ... Read more »
Born: 06/13/1949 in South Africa


Actor (24)

War Book 2015 (Movie)

David (Actor)

The Wolfman 2010 (Movie)

Dr. Hoenegger (Actor)

A Deal is a Deal 2008 (Movie)

Maurice (Actor)

The Company (TNT) 2007 (Tv Show)


Churchill: The Hollywood Years 2004 (Movie)

Adolf Hitler (Actor)

The Jury 2002 - 2003 (TV Show)


Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


Shakespeare in Love 1998 (Movie)

Dr Moth (Actor)

Alive & Kicking 1997 (Movie)

Jack (Actor)

Mrs. Brown 1997 (Movie)

Disraeli (Actor)

The Wind in the Willows 1997 (Movie)

Chief Weasel (Actor)

King Richard III 1995 - 1996 (TV Show)


The Young Poisoner's Handbook 1996 (Movie)

Dr Zeigler (Actor)

Erik the Viking 1989 (Movie)

Loki the Evil Blacksmith (Actor)

Shadey 1987 (Movie)

Oliver Shadey (Actor)

Superman II 1981 (Movie)

Bell Boy (Actor)

Mark Gertler Fragments of a Biography 1980 (Movie)

Mark Gertler (Actor)

Yanks 1979 (Movie)

GI at Cinema (Actor)

Genghis Cohn (TV Show)


God on Trial (TV Show)


Primo (TV Show)


The Jury (Movie)

Gerald Lewis QC (Actor)

The Miracle Maker (TV Show)


The Moonstone (TV Show)



Acclaimed as one of the most dynamic and intelligent British stage actors in the last two decades, Antony Sher remains a relative unknown in the USA. He has appeared in several cult films, notably in the title role of "Shadey" (1985) and "The Young Poisoner's Handbook" (1994).



involved in early 1980s Sher identifies him as his "roommate" in "The Year of the King"

Gregory Doran

together since 1986 has directed Sher in several productions

Ronald Harwood Screenplay

Born Nov. 9, 1934

Ronald Harwood


Emmanuel Sher


Marjorie Sher

sister of Isobel Horwitz, mother of playwright Ronald Harwood

Randall Sher


Joel Sher

emmigrated to South Africa from Lithuania in late 1890s


Webber-Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art

1969 - 1971



Played composer Gustav Mahler in Ronald Harwood's play "Mahler's Conversion", staged by Doran


Co-starred in the ITV/A&E production, "Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War"


Directed by companion Gregory Doran in "The Winter's Tale"


Offered cameo as the apothecary in "Shakespeare in Love", directed by Madden


Made Broadway debut reprising London role of "Stanley"


Gave a fine supporting turn as British Prime Minister Disraeli opposite Judi Dench's Queen Victoria in "(Her Majesty) Mrs. Brown", directed by John Madden


Played title role of "Cyrano de Bergerac" at the RSC and in the West End


Won plaudits for interpretation of title role of Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus"; toured South Africa


Played major supporting role of psychiatrist evaluating the lead in "The Young Poisoner's Handbook"


Created title role of "Stanley" in London production of Pam Gems play about British painter Stanley Spencer


Starred in title role of "Gengis Cohn"


Enjoyed a stage success in title role of "Tamburlane the Great"


Wrote first teleplay "Changing Step" (BBC)


Published first novel "Middlepost"


Had lead role in Athol Fugard's play "Hello and Goodbye" at the Almeida Theatre


Published first book, "The Year of the King", a diary of his performances as "Richard III"


Played lead role in the West End production of Harvey Fierstein's "Torch Song Trilogy"


Had first major film role, the title role in "Shadey"


Joined the Royal Shakespeare Company; appeared as the Fool in "King Lear" and in the title role of "Tartuffe", among others


Co-wrote script for and starred in "Mark Gertler Fragments of a Biography"


Appeared in title role in the British TV drama "The History Man"


Feature film debut as a solider in the film "Yanks"


Moved to London to study at Webber-Douglas Academy

Born and raised in South Africa

Starred as "Macbeth" at the Royal Shakespeare Company, directed by Doran; toured Japan in production; filmed for British TV and aired on New Year's Day 2001

Bonus Trivia


Sher received an honorary doctor of letters from Liverpool University in 1998.


He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in December 2000.


Sher was in the running to portray Charlie Chaplin in Richard Attenborough's film biography, but the role went to Robert Downey Jr.


In his 2001 memoir, "Beside Myself", Sher admits to having battled an addiction to cocaine.


While performing in "Stanley", Sher actually drew onstage and recreated a Spencer mural. Of the sketchbooks he filled, "once in a while, we're asked to give them to charity, and there disperses the curious oeuvre." --From "Antony Sher: A Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist" in New York, March 17, 1997.


"His theatrical protrait gallery is more like a rogue's gallery with his 'Richard III' at the center, surrounded by Titus Andronicus, the murderer in 'The Revenger's Tragedy', Tamburlane and Arturo Ui, among many others. Although the characters would seem distant fromthe actor--from any actor--[Sher] confesses to a connection, acknowledging that each probably represents 'the monster within.' He adds that he is lucky; he can release his aggressions on stage or 'by writing a book'." --From "Master of Many Methods: Actor, Author and Artist" by Mel Gussow in The New York Times, February 22, 1997.


"I was very tight and closed and shy, and I didn't like myself very much [growing up], which is why I found it so liberating to become someone else. What people find hard to believe about actors is that we have the gall to stand up in front of one and a half thousand people and say: 'I AM INTERESTING TO WATCH.' It's quite weird if you think about it, a sort of sexual exhibitionism: all these people sitting in the dark, watching these other people, brightly lit, doing strange things, even taking their clothes off without being arrested. If they did this 50 yards away in the street, everyone would be shocked and run away." --Sher in a 1988 interview


"I was terribly attracted as a young actor to disguise. I hated myself as a young man. I felt I'd been born on the moon. Not just in the wrong country, but on the wrong planet. I just didn't seem to fit in to that very macho, rugby-playing, extrovert, outdoor-living South African society. I was this sensitive little nerd." --Sher quoted in The Daily Telegraph, January 5, 2001