Apple May Revolutionize Gadget It Made Irrelevant With iWatch


Remember those days when you’d be watching Veronica’s Closet while drinking your Orbitz and you had to perform the arduous task of picking up your wrist to find out when you should take your Hungry Man dinner out of the oven? Those days when the handy smartphone wasn’t our main source of communication, information, and time? Well, if Apple has anything to do with it, those days could soon return with a new product that revolutionizes the gadget the company made irrelevant years ago: the iWatch.

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According to a report in The New York Times, Apple is developing a smart watch that operates on Apple’s iOS, which would come complete with a curved glass surface. Besides its possible use of flexible glass, little is known about the product at this time — and Apple is declining to comment — but investors tell New York Times that an iWatch could replace smartphones in 10 years time. In fact, the wearable technology could prove to be more functional and, more importantly for our pockets that hold our iPhones, cheaper than a smart phone. 

The iWatch would directly face off against Google’s wearable technology — the Google Glasses — and are already exciting consumers who imagined a future full of Dick Tracy- and Inspector Gadget-like watches. But it should also excite those who have been dreaming for years for the iFloppyDisc, the iZipDrive, and the iAppleLisa. 

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