Are Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Moving Out?

In the wake of Sara Leal’s confession about her recent affair with Ashton Kutcher, evidence continues to pile up and suggest that Demi Moore is considering ending their marriage. And just yesterday, a moving truck was spotted outside of Ashton and Demi’s Santa Monica home and when contacted, the moving company (Wetzel & Sons) said they couldn’t comment on anything due to confidentiality. This alone is enough to believe a divorce is in their future, but their representatives still fail to comment on their clients’ current relationship status (which is also another clue that all these “marriage in trouble” rumors are actually true).

Obviously Demi is taking the sex scandal news pretty hard, so much so that her eating habits have reportedly changed. A friend recently confessed to US Weekly that the Five director “is superskinny, and it’s hard to look at,” while another pal admitted “She’s very upset, and hasn’t been eating. It’s taking a toll.” It’s totally understandable since not only is this a traumatic ordeal, but it’s also the main topic of discussion all over the web and tabloids. One could argue, though, that they’re kinda doing it to themselves since they refuse to comment on any of what’s going on (and cryptic twitter messages don’t count). Until they fess up to what’s really happening, I’m afraid they’re going to be stuck dealing with all the media speculation. Oh the joys of being famous.

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Source: People, US