Are ‘Dexter’ Stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter Reconciling?

jennifer carpenter and michael c. hallNow I know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but I’m afraid I’m going to need a little more information to make a proper assessment of this new development. Many Dexter fans will recognize these two as Dexter and Deb Morgan, who play brother and sister on the Showtime hit series. However, celebrity lovers like myself will also know them as Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter: real life exes. And these real-life exes were recently photographed not only hanging out together, but dare I say it, cuddling.

The co-stars finalized their divorce in December, after being married for two years, but there seems to be a potential reconciliation underway. In the photo in question, the ex-couple looks anything but estranged: Carpenter is leaning on Hall’s shoulder as he wraps his arm around her. So, either their romance has been rekindled or they have the best relationship of any divorced couple in history. And according to some people, that might actually be the case.

A source claims that they’re “just good friends,” adding that “their divorce was the most amicable in the world,” although others wonder if a reconciliation is on the horizon. Either way, it’s clear that there’s still a special connection between the pair. And given the fact that they still work together and see each other often, maybe their romance will get a second chance — especially now that things are potentially heating up between the two of them on-screen after the recent season finale. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds, but in the meantime — speculate away!

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