Shaq Soda Seems Like a Slam Dunk to Us

Shaq Soda Seems Like a Slam Dunk to Us

Shaq, Arizona Cream Soda

Credit: Shaq/Twitter

If you can’t beat Shaq (and we know, despite what Aaron Carter says, that is an impossible feat) then you might as well join him. Or at least drink like him.

Former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal announced on Tuesday via Twitter that he has released a line of sodas through the AriZona Beverage Company. Shaq’s soda will be called — what else but — Shaq Soda.

If you plan on imbibing Shaq Soda, we hope you like cream soda, as the beverage only comes in four variations of cream soda: strawberry cream, orange cream, vanilla cream, and blueberry cream. 

Only one question remains: How does it taste? We have reached out to the powers that be at AriZona in order to procure a sample. You better believe we will keep you posted. 

And, because we know you’ve been humming it since I mentioned Mr. Carter four paragraphs ago…

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