Arly Jover


Actor (20)

2 Nights Till Morning 2014 (Movie)

Céline (Actor)

Fish in a Barrel 2014 (Movie)

Nina (Actor)

Kick the Can 2014 (Movie)


En Solitaire 2013 (Movie)


Haute Cuisine 2013 (Movie)

Mary (Actor)

Le guetteur 2012 (Movie)


Quand je serai petit 2012 (Movie)


Qui a envie d'être aimé ? 2011 (Movie)


The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo 2011 (Movie)

Liv (Actor)

Little Ashes 2009 (Movie)

Gala (Actor)

Regrets 2009 (Movie)

Lisa (Actor)

April's Shower 2006 (Movie)

Sophie (Actor)

Madame Irma 2006 (Movie)

Inés (Actor)

The Girl is Mine 2005 (Movie)


L' Empire des loups 2004 (Movie)

Anna Heymes (Actor)

The Young Unknowns 2003 (Movie)

Paloma (Actor)

Impostor 2002 (Movie)

Newscaster No 2 (Actor)

Four Dogs Playing Poker 1999 (Movie)


Blade 1998 (Movie)

Mercury (Actor)