Armin Mueller-Stahl

Actor, Violinist, Pianist
An overnight success years in the making, Armin Mueller-Stahl spent the post-World War II era in East Berlin studying and playing the violin. The former music teacher made his stage acting debut at the Theater am ... Read more »
Born: 12/17/1930


Actor (81)

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Director (1)

Conversation With a Beast 1995 (Movie)

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Conversation With a Beast 1995 (Movie)



An overnight success years in the making, Armin Mueller-Stahl spent the post-World War II era in East Berlin studying and playing the violin. The former music teacher made his stage acting debut at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm (home of the famous Berliner Ensemble) in 1953 and worked for more than two decades with another noted East Berlin company, Volksbuehne (People's Stage). After making a smooth transition from stage to screen in "Heimleche Ehe/The Secret Marriage" (1958), he became one of DEFA's (the state-run film conglomerate) outstanding young actors. His three-picture collaboration with director Frank Beyer culminated with "Jakob der Luegner/Jakob the Liar" (1974), the only DEFA picture to ever receive a Best Foreign Language Film Oscar nomination, and he also consolidated his popularity with frequent television appearances. His decision to sign the Biermann Resolution, a manifesto critical of the government, however, led to his blacklisting in 1976. "When you lived in the G.D.R., you were political, even if you didn't want to be," he told Premiere (November 1990). "I felt I had a responsibility to the public."


Gabriele Mueller-Stahl

Married in 1974

Alfred Mueller-Stahl

Murdered on the last day of World War II in Europe

Editta Mueller-Stahl


Christian Mueller-Stahl

Born in 1974 mother, Gabriele Scholz played his father's character as a youth in "Utz" (1992)

Hagen Mueller-Stahl




Teamed with Clive Owen and director Tom Tykwer for "The International"


Co-starred with Viggo Mortensen in director David Cronenberg's "Eastern Promises"


Appeared in four episodes of the NBC drama series, "The West Wing" as the Prime Minister of Israel


Portrayed Thomas Mann in a German historic film production about the Mann family, "Die Manns - Ein Jahrhundertroman"


Portrayed Joseph in the CBS miniseries, "Jesus"


Co-starred with Bob Balaban in the remake of "Jakob the Liar"


Cast as the German scientist, Conrad Strughold, in the feature film "The X-Files"


Played Juror No. 4 in Showtime's acclaimed remake of "12 Angry Men"


Starred in the Showtime remake of Rod Serling's drama of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, "In the Presence of Mine Enemies"


Wrote and directed and starred as a 103-year-old Adolph Hitler in "Conversations With the Beast"; Balaban also starred


Received a Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination for his role as the father of pianist David Helfgott in "Shine"


First collaboration with Bob Balaban, "The Last Good Time"


Played a dying man whose lifelong obsession has been collecting porcelain figurines in "Utz"; son Christian was the younger version of the character


Played a police inspector investigating Jeremy Irons' title character in Steven Soderbergh's "Kafka"


Received critical acclaim for his role as the family patriarch in Barry Levinson's "Avalon"


Played a man accused of being a brutal Nazi collaborator in Costa-Gavras' "Music Box"


Made US television debut as Russian General Samanov in the ABC miniseries, "Amerika"


Portrayed a Polish farmer who shelters a Viennese Jew in Holland's Academy Award-nominated foreign film, "Angry Harvest"


Portrayed doomed Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Istvan Szabo's "Colonel Redl"


Acted in Andrzej Wajda's "Love in Germany"


Re-teamed with Fassbinder for "Veronika Voss"


Made West German film debut in Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Lola"


Moved to West Germany


Penned memoir, Ordered Sundays


Banned from acting by the East German government after signing the Biermann Resolution


Third film with Beyer, "Jakob der Luegner/Jacob the Liar"


Re-teamed with Beyer for "Nackt unter Wolfen/Naked Among Wolves"


Starred in the political thriller, "Flucht aus der Holle" for German Television


First film with director Frank Beyer, "Konigskinder/Invincible Love"


Film debut, the East German movie, "Heimliche Ehe"


First stage role was at the Theater am Schiffbauerdamm in East Berlin

Performed with the East Berlin Theater Company, Volksbuehne for 25 years

Family moved to East Berlin after WWII

Was a noted concert violinist as a teenager

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In 1982, Mueller-Stahl received the Chaplin Schuh, the prize for a German actor awarded by the Association of German Film and Television Directors.