Arnold’s Second Mistress Speaks Out

A woman named Gigi Goyette spoke to Extra’s Jerry Penacoli and maintained that she, like Mildred Patricia Pierce, was also Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s lover. She said she and Arnold “experienced many intimate encounters” together while the bodybuilder was married to his wife, Maria Shriver, but that they first met on a beach in Malibu in the 70s, before he was married. She was 16 years old and he was 27, and she said he was “very charming and had a special way with women. He has this overpowering way with women that you get weak.” Gigi said that because Arnold was so smooth, he was “pretty much” (?) the first person she ever had sex with.

Ten years after they first met and after Arnold got married, Gigi was working at his Annual Fitness Convention in Ohio. This resulted in Arnold and Gigi reconnecting and meeting for “secret romps,” and there were a bunch of times where she and Arnold would bodybuild in the same hotel that Maria and his children were staying in.

Does Gigi think Arnold has been with other women besides she, Maria and Mildred? Why yes, she does! She said, “Arnold is a very physical and sexual man, with a voracious appetite that likes a lot of physical attention.” So how can one woman be tasked with dealing with all that voracious appetite? What a burden that must be! No wonder there are all these Gigis lined up in a row!

Source: Extra