Arnold Schwarzenegger Doesn’t Want To Pay Spousal Support to Maria Shriver

arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriverHasta La Vista Baby!  That’s what Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to say to his soon-to-be ex-wife, Maria Shriver, especially when it comes to her high list of demands.  After receiving Shriver’s petition to end their marriage due to “irreconcilable differences,” Schwarzenegger has fired back with a request of his own — he wants to terminate her request for spousal support. 

Here’s what Arnold wants — according to court documents, The Terminator wants joint legal and physical custody of their two underage children, 17-year-old Patrick and 13-year-old Christopher, with visitation rights to be split evenly.  Don’t expect everything else to be that simple and split evenly down the middle though.  Schwarzenegger’s attorney is requesting the judge to relieve his client of any obligations to pay spousal support to Maria.  Well he wasn’t supportive during their marriage, so why should we expect him to be now that it’s ending?  As for the duo’s earnings and properties, the former governor’s camp stated that it would list such assets as soon it ascertains them.  Since both parties are worth roughly $400 million, I’d say this will be no easy feat. 

Source: E Online