Arsenio Hall: ‘Abdul was great in bed’

The pair dated in the late 1980s and reports suggest they recently rekindled their romance.

Hall has dismissed the rumours, but admits he’ll always cherish the time he spent as the Straight Up singer’s lover.

He says, “I know that everybody has opinions about Paula and what she’s about, but my experiences with her – best girl to hang with on the planet. Me and Paula would laugh so much… Paula would laugh and then pee… There’s nothing more important than having a woman get your sense of humour, and for your woman to pee is like a standing ovation.

“I was madly in love with her… That’s my girl to death and I’m always there for her.

“You know how people say Paula’s eccentric… Imagine how amazing she is sexually… Can you throw your woman in the air and she turn into sunshine?”