Arthur Hamilton


Music (16)

I'll See You In My Dreams 2015 (Movie)

("Cry Me A River") (Song)

One Direction: This is Us 2013 (Movie)

("Cry Me A River") (Song)

Repo Men 2010 (Movie)

("Cry Me A River") (Song)

V for Vendetta 2006 (Movie)

("Cry Me A River") (Song)

The Blues 2003 (Tv Show)


The Human Stain 2003 (Movie)

("Cry Me A River") (Song)

The Charlie Horse Music Pizza 1997 - 2000 (TV Show)


Black Tie Affair 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)

Theme Music

Rich Girl 1991 (Movie)

("The Miranda Rap") (Song)

Flesh + Blood 1985 (Movie)

lyrics(soldier song) (Theme Lyrics)

Grizzly 1976 (Movie)

orchestration (Music Arranger)

Seven Alone 1973 (Movie)

("Only a Dream Away") (Song)

Zero Hour! 1957 (Movie)

songs (Song)

Pete Kelly's Blues 1955 (Movie)


The Corpse Had a Familiar Face (TV Show)

Theme Lyrics