Arthur Lovegrove

Born: 07/15/1913 in FulhamUK


Actor (15)

Eye of the Needle 1981 (Movie)

Peterson (Actor)

The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer 1970 (Movie)

Doorman (Actor)

Inspector Clouseau 1968 (Movie)

Innkeeper (Actor)

We Joined the Navy 1962 (Movie)

Chief Petty Officer Froud (Actor)

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll 1960 (Movie)

Cabby (Actor)

Yesterday's Enemy 1958 (Movie)

Patrick (Actor)

Carry On, Admiral 1957 (Movie)

Orderly (Actor)

Safari 1956 (Movie)

Blake (Actor)

Steel Bayonet 1956 (Movie)

Jarvis (Actor)

A Kid For Two Farthings 1955 (Movie)

Postman (Actor)

Devil on Horseback 1954 (Movie)

Valet (Actor)

The Way Out (Movie)

George (Actor)

The Weapon (Movie)


We Are in the Navy Now (Movie)

Chief Petty Officer Froud (Actor)

Wrong Number (Movie)