Artie Lange

Actor, Comedian, Longshoreman
Stand-up comic and actor Artie Lange was part of a tradition of self-deprecating comedians whose no-holds-barred humor mirrored their off-screen propensity for self-destruction. Much like Chris Farley, Sam Kinison and ... Read more »
Born: 10/11/1967 in Union, New Jersey, USA


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Stand-up comic and actor Artie Lange was part of a tradition of self-deprecating comedians whose no-holds-barred humor mirrored their off-screen propensity for self-destruction. Much like Chris Farley, Sam Kinison and John Belushi before him, Lange also suffered from punishing addictions to drugs and alcohol that resulted in lost opportunities, physical ailments, and eventually, a horrific suicide attempt. As part of the inaugural cast of "MADtv" (Fox, 1995-2009), Lange's future in TV comedy looked bright, until a botched drug intervention by his castmates led to an arrest, jail time, a stint in rehab and Lange being let go from the popular show. He found a comedic ally in Norm MacDonald, with whom he co-starred in the feature film "Dirty Work" (1998) prior to being brought along for MacDonald's short-lived sitcom, "The Norm Show" (ABC, 1999-2001). He later transitioned to radio, replacing Jackie Martling on "The Howard Stern Show" in 2001, during which time he wrote, produced and starred in the low budget feature "Artie Lange's Beer League" (2006) and penned the best-selling memoir Too Fat to Fish in 2008. Although a suicide attempt in early 2010 marked an all-time low for the comedian, Lange eventually returned to radio as one-half of the sports talk program "The Nick and Artie Show" in 2011. Blurring the lines of art and reality, Lange's personal demons continually fed his biting comedy even as they ultimately threatened to destroy him.


Arthur Lange

In the mid 1980s, he fell from a roof and broke his back, becoming quadriplegic died from an infection about four years after the accident

Judy Lange


Stacey Lange


Dana Sironi

Had an on-again, off-again relationship from 2002-2008


Union High School

Union , New Jersey



Co-hosted syndicated sports and entertainment talk program "The Nick and Artie Show" alongside comedian Nick DiPaolo


Made his return to stand-up comedy at the New York City club the Comedy Cellar, performing for the first time since his alleged suicide attempt in January


Took an indefinite leave from the Howard Stern Show in December


Co-wrote a book with Anthony Bozza titled Too Fat to Fish


Co-starred in the comedy "Waltzing Anna"


Co-wrote and starred in the comedy "Artie Lange's Beer League"


Moved with Howard Stern to Sirius radio in January


Appeared in the smash hit "Old School," starring Will Ferrell, Luke Wilson and Vince Vaughn


Played Gimbel's Santa in the Will Ferrell comedy "Elf"


Joined the cast of "The Howard Stern Radio Show" on WXRK, a rock station owned by Infinity Broadcasting


Played the troublemaking half-brother of the titular hockey star turned social worker on the ABC sitcom "Norm"


Appeared as a regular on the Fox sketch comedy series "MADtv"

Formed the sketch comedy troupe "Live on Tape"

Worked as a stand-up comedian on the NYC circuit

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In the mid 1980s, Lange's father fell from a roof and broke his back, becoming quadriplegic. Money soon became an issue within his family, and celebrities were contacted to donate items for them to auction. Howard Stern was the only one to respond, and sent them an autographed jacket in 1987, which sold for almost $2,000.


In June 2005, Lange missed four days of shows, prompting concerns of a possible relapse of past substance abuse. Lange blamed his absence on stress from doing the radio show and filming his comedy film "Artie Lange's Beer League." The truth for his absence was revealed in a spontaneous revelation on Sept. 21, 2006, in which Lange acknowledged that he had regularly snorted heroin. Shortly after, Lange began taking Subutex to alleviate his dependency.


In April 2008, Lange briefly resigned from "The Howard Stern Show" after an on-air argument and subsequent outburst at his personal assistant. Lange returned to the show and apologized for his behavior and took full responsibility. It was revealed that Sirius was allowing him to continue, but that another infraction would end his employment.


The website [] was started to predict when Lange would die if he continued his destructive lifestyle.


In August 2008, Lange claimed to have begun an intensive outpatient rehab program. On the August 11th airing of the show, Artie admitted to having been back on heroin for the past seven weeks.


On the Dec. 8, 2008 show, Lange admitted that he lied about intensive outpatient rehab and had only gone to the therapist twice, not even making it through the end of the second session.


On the morning of Jan. 2, 2010, Lange inflicted several knife wounds upon himself in an "apparent suicide attempt." Lange's mother found him on the floor of his New Jersey home and had him immediately rushed to a local New Jersey hospital.