Asdru Sierra


Music (20)

Ben-Hur 2016 (Movie)

Vocal Solo (Music)

Sausage Party 2016 (Movie)

Score Vocal (Music)

Sundown 2016 (Movie)

("Muerte" (Free Slice Remix)") (Song)

Spare Parts 2015 (Movie)

("Here We Go") (Song)

Runner, Runner 2013 (Movie)

("Donde Se Fueron") (Song)

Turbo 2013 (Movie)

("Saturday Night") (Song)

A Better Life 2011 (Movie)

("El Jardinero") (Song)

Dear John 2010 (Movie)

("Saturday Night") (Song)

Get Him to the Greek 2010 (Movie)

("Magnolia Soul") (Song)

Piranha 3-D 2010 (Movie)

("Nadas Por Free") (Song)

Fired Up! 2009 (Movie)

("After Party") (Song)

Ripple Effect 2008 (Movie)

Vocals (Music)

Ripple Effect 2008 (Movie)

("Heart And Soul") (Song)

Ripple Effect 2008 (Movie)

("Heart And Soul") (Song Performer)

The Heartbreak Kid 2007 (Movie)

("Cuando Canto") (Song)

Vicious Circle 2007 (Movie)


Edmond 2006 (Movie)

Trumpet Performer (Performer)

Nacho Libre 2006 (Movie)

("Bat Macumba") (Song Performer)

The Guardian 2006 (Movie)

("Saturday Night") (Song)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2005 (Movie)

("(Who Discovered) America") (Song)
Actor (1)

Never Been Kissed 1999 (Movie)

Band Member--Ozomatli (Actor)