Ashton Kutcher Spotted Still Wearing His Wedding Ring

ashton kutcherApparently, Ashton Kutcher is still wearing his wedding band! The actor was spotted sporting the ring at the TCA panel for Two and a Half Men in Pasadena, Calif. So what’s the deal? I see it as one of two things: 1. he thought wearing it would be a great way to guarantee extra press or 2. he’s suffering from a serious case of denial. It honestly could go either way, especially since Demi Moore was the one to kick him and his cheating ways to the curb last November. But still, you can’t help but wonder — are we missing something? Let’s hope a further explanation is on its way.

Oh, in addition to confusing the hell out of us, Ashton also showed off his clean-shaven face and freshly cut hair. That’s right folks — he finally cut his hair. According to Ashton, the makeover is “related to the show, completely” and let me be the first to say, it’s about time!

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Source: US