Attention Singles: Barack & Michelle Obama’s Dating Tips — VIDEO

Michelle ObamaFor generations, young men and women have sought out dating advice from whatever older, wiser, invariably cooler role models they’ve had at their disposal. Those called upon include elder siblings, upperclassmen at high school, or the leather-jacketed fellow who hangs around the laundromat. But the lucky members of this present generation have the luxury of raising the bar: the President of the United States of America has taken to doling out tips on the art of romance.

The below promotional campaign video features Barack and Michelle Obama discussing their very own first date, which included a trip to a museum, an elegant fountain, and a viewing of the cutting-edge Spike Lee film Do the Right Thing. All the while, the pres slips in a few asides about how to impress people. Check out the clip below, and take notes. He’s clearly good at this.

[Photo Credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images]


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