Avril Lavigne Denies Pregnancy Rumors

I imagine getting called pregnant when you aren’t is not good feeling. Some (everyone) would find that rather insulting and be a little upset at the unwarranted accusation. This is exactly how Avril Lavigne felt after she made headlines about being pregnant yesterday. She was apparently spotted wearing a loose fitting top, which in this industry is equivalent to buying a home pregnancy test, so the media assumed she must be with child. Upset, the singer took some time today to set the record straight and assure the world that she is definitely not pregnant. In a statement made earlier this morning, she explained, “I was out getting my nails done with my girlfriend and I had a poncho on. There was a whole thing online that I was pregnant. I’m like, ‘How insulting!’ So no, I’m not. Obviously!” And there you have it. Let the poor girl wear a poncho in peace.

But does Avril — who has been dating the former The Hills star, Brody Jenner, for almost 2 years — have any plans to start a family in the near future? “Not anytime soon,” she replies. Well with all the touring and the release of her latest single Wish You Were Here, she seems to have her hands full already. So for now, we can let the pregnancy rumors subside.

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Source: Access Hollywood