Of Course Avril Lavigne Wore a Black Wedding Dress to Marry Chad Kroeger

Credit: Hello Magazine

It’s fitting that Avril Lavigne‘s latest single is called “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” because her black wedding dress looks exactly like what an emo 14-year-old girl would want for her dream wedding. But really, what else would we expect from our favorite punk princess?

Lavigne married fellow Canadian and Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger on July 1 (Canada Day!) in the South of France. They shared their wedding pics with Hello Canada (which is a real magazine that actually exists), officially making them the most Canadian couple of all time.

Along with her black Monique Lhuillier dress, Lavigne carried a bouquet of black roses and sported her usual healthy dose of eyeliner. She’s probably wearing Converse under her dress as well. It looks like Avril isn’t giving up her goth punk style anytime soon.

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